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Tuna Swiss on rye

We love tuna….any way shape and form. Having lived on the west coast plus loving to ocean fish gave us access to tuna, lots of tuna. One year many moons ago I learned how to can it. A long process with a great outcome. We have been spoiled!  During that time you think of all the ways to use canned tuna. Of course there is tuna casserole, cream tuna on toast or biscuit, tuna melt and tuna salad even a tuna fish sandwich. But a plain sandwich becomes boring after awhile. This sandwich changes up the taste is very palet pleasing. This will make about 2-4 sandwiches depending on the can size of tuna you use. 1 can tuna drained Mayo Salt and pepper Sliced Swiss cheese Rye bread Mix your tuna and mayo with your desired amount of mayonnaise, add salt and pepper. Take two slices rye bread generously spread tuna on one side of bread add 1 or two slices of Swiss cheese depending on the size of the bread. Place the other …

Turkey Reuben’s 

Once again I am bombing you with turkey leftover yummie food. This is a great warm sandwich loaded with flavor and it is easy to make.  Rye bread toasted 1-2 slices per person Slice turkey breast meat or other turkey meat pieces Turkey gravy warmed up Saurkraut  heated up Swiss cheese slices Left over stuffing or dressing if desired Toast rye bread place on plate, put cheese slices on warm bread, next warm turkey meat. Then dressing or stuffing if you’d like….then, warm saurkraut and top with warm gravy. That’s it!  If you love saurkraut and have never had it with turkey gravy then you are truly missing out on a great combination of flavors. Since I have been with my husband his family has always had saurkraut with their turkey meal. Try it……you’ll never not include it on the plate again.  As always we hope you enjoy.