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Pesto potato salad 

Looking for something different for a potato salad? Like pesto? Have extra roasted or baked potatoes? Then this is the dish for you….. Hopefully you saved some of that pesto you made during the summer and have it ready in the freezer. If not, I guess store bought would do and if you are so inclined make a batch of fresh and use it. (See previous post)  Baked, boiled, roasted potatoes, made just for this dish or leftovers. About two large potatoes per recipe. Mayo……how ever gooey you want it 1 tablespoons onion finely chopped 1 large stick celery finely chopped 1-2 hard boiled eggs A shake of garlic salt Pepper to taste 1/4 to 1/2 cup pesto Take the potatoes you are using and chopped them into cubes, kind of on the small side. If you need to cook them do so and cool. In a bowl mix everything and chill before serving.  As always we hope you enjoy. 

Pesto fish

Hi, remember the pesto post? Now is the time for tons of basil to be available. This is a simple wonderful way to enjoy fish a different way.  White fish fillets ( all depends on how many are eating ) Swai, tilapia, cod, all work well.  Pesto ( see previous post) Lemon juice,  one lemon is good more if you have a lot of fillets salt Parmisian cheese if desired Heat oven to 350. Foil line a cookie sheet and place wire racks on it. They do not have to be inside, hanging over the edges is ok. You just want the fish off the foil.  Clean and dry the fish fillets, spray wire racks or use butter to coat them. Put fillets on racks. Spoon pesto on top of fish. Kinda thick if you like or thin, we like ours kinda thick. After all the fillets are coated ( smeared on the top in a better term) and pesto is used up squeeze lemon juice all over the fillets and sprinkle with salt. If …