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Spaghetti squash and what to do with this thing…..

First find a squash that is in good shape….you know a nice stem, not too dried out. Next heat oven to 350, take squash and cut lengthwise. It could be kind of tough….so use a sharp knife and lots of pressure. Remove seeds…if you have a garden save them for next year and plant. Take a cookie sheet that has some lips….well edges….place the squash upside down or flesh side down, put in oven add about 2 cups water to the cookie sheet and bake for 1 hour. This is perfect timing to prep anything you want to use the squash for. When the squash is done, carefully remove from oven…pour off water….flip over so flesh is up. Now…take a folk and scrap the meat towards you, yes this is how it works….keep scraping. The flesh comes out like spaghetti. Now you can use it for many dishes if you are on a diet, gluten free or just want healthy good eats.  Some things to try with this great veggie Spaghetti of course Beef stroganoff …

Fennel and sausage…plus other good stuff

This is a great flavor, lower calorie type dinner….fast too. What you need:  Italian sausage, fennel bulb (I like two) outside peeled away and thinly sliced the white part only. Tomato diced into hunks, onion about a half chopped, and peppers chopped…any color but only about half a pepper. If you want, any cooked pasta, except spaghetti. And some dry sherry. (I will put spinach in too). Break sausage into hunks and cook, if really greasy drain, add sliced fennel bulb(s) and stir,  in about five minutes add remaining veggies too. Cook a bit then add half a cup of dry sherry. Stir add cooked pasta….that’s it! This is really great without the pasta as well, making a low calorie, flavorful meal. You can garnish with parsley too…..