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Super sonic sloppy Jo’s 

Sloppy Jo’s are one of those easy meals that just hit the spot sometimes. But why not make them super sloppy Jo’s? The flavors take an ordinary meal to a new level of yum. 1 pound hamburger 1 can spam finely chopped 5 pieces bacon chopped into pieces  Sloppy Jo mix (can or package) Buns 5 green onions chopped In a skillet start to brown hamburger meat, add  chop bacon, and finely chop spam. Brown everything together. Drain grease. Add chopped green onions and stir. Then follow your favorite sloppy Jo mix directions. Brown buns or toast slightly, pour mixture on buns and eat.  As always we hope you enjoy

Aunt Tiny’s “Hunters Delight”

Baby it’s cold out there……a good hearty breakfast is a great way to start these cold winter mornings. Our Aunt Tiny lived in the Imperial valley in California. Our relatives that lived there were all farmers and hunted the fields for birds during the fall-winter months. Now this was all back in the 70’s and 80’s…… And I still make this dish, whether it is camping, hunting, a family gathering or just because.  It has a great flavor, easy to make and hearty. This feeds 2-4 depending on portion size 6 strips of bacon 1/2 chopped onion 1/2 green pepper chopped 3 small potatoes 4 eggs Garlic salt and some pepper In a large frying pan, I use cast iron: fry bacon. You can do it in pieces or whole and break it up later. Do not fry extra crisp. Meanwhile wash potatoes, using a grater on the slice side ( should be two- three slots on a narrow side) slice potatoes and set aside. Chop onion and pepper into small to medium pieces. After …

Fried green tomato burgers

Well we have done it…..not only found the perfect burger but something else to do with fried green tomatoes as well. The other day I made a large batch of fried green tomatoes and John never ate his share. So, I had a small to medium bowl left over. It had fried bacon and green tomatoes with garlic salt all ready to go….just needed to be heated up for another day. As the story goes……we planned on going out of town this weekend and hamburgers was the first meal planned. I had packed the bowl of cook tomatoes and thought of using that on the burgers. Go figure we are delayed the first night. However, I used the same meal plan even for home. This might be something to try camping or at home. We inhaled them!  1 pound hamburger of your choice 6 strips bacon 4 green tomatoes Garlic salt Two hamburger buns Thousand island dressing 1 raw sweet onion Lettuce leaves Cheese if desired Before hand I would cook bacon, slice green tomatoes …