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Geisha special

Sometimes we get into habits and forget things we have made, done or tried before. I am the leftover queen….my pet peeve is throwing food out. With that being said I dug in the frig this morning to see what I could throw together for breakfast. Lately I have been on a juice kick, however Saturday mornings when nothing is going on it is fun to create something. This is what I found…..some spinach, carrots, a piece of an onion, left over can salmon (from a salad the other day), one piece of flat bread, eggs.  Then smack….it hit me…..Geisha special…..the story behind this dish….well…..many years ago we long range ocean fished at least every year or two. One year on a ten day trip we were on the Cherokee Geisha out of  H &M landing in San Diego. We had a top notch chef…..needless to say the meals were nothing but amazing everyday. One morning this was served for breakfast, of course he used fresh tuna that had been caught that morning not canned…..and …

Green chile chicken and blue corn dumplings

Yep, I am a chile head…..and since coming home from Hatch my brain is going crazy with ideas on using fresh green chile and the blue corn flour we bought. I love to use leftovers…, I had left over chicken I had froze before we left and some game hens from the trip. I want to include both fresh and a leftover way to cook this dish. The fresh way is just a basic chicken and dumpling recipe. Nothing special. Leftovers Chicken or game hens some meat left on the bones, set aside big hunks of meat for later Three celery stalks chopped Three carrots chopped 1/2 onion chopped 1 can chicken broth Some water Five green chiles roasted and peeled then chopped Salt to taste Put the bird bones in a stew pot with broth and water, enough water to almost cover the bird. Add one carrot, one celery and half of the onion. Cook for several hours on a simmer until the bones are soft. Break the bones up a bit and cook …

Marcella pasta salad 

What to do with the leftover orzo pasta and marcella (veal, chicken, mushroom) you just made a few days ago? Here is something I tried and it turned out really good.  Marcella sauce Cooked orzo pasta 1 can of peas drained (only use about half the can unless you like tons of peas) 1 can chicken drained ( no chicken for vegan)  2 tablespoons mayo ( no mayo for vegan) 1/4 cup lite balsamic dressing (I used Paul Newmans) Mix the pasta and leftover marcella sauce together in a medium size bowl, if you have leftover meat keep it separate until ready to serve the pasta. Several ways to do this….I mixed about two tablespoon mayo with the marcella sauce including mushrooms and pasta, I had about two cups of pasta leftover, let it sit for a day. If you are going vegan, use only balsamic dressing putting in half now and the other half the day of serving.  The day of eating…..drain peas, and chicken, add to pasta mixture stir lightly, then add balsamic …

Left over vegetables, from pot roast or stew…..made into a soup

Hello again, on our camping trip we have made several Dutch oven roast, one with game hens and one with pork roast. Both times for the most part using the same type of vegetables. Carrots, onion, celery, parsnip, and or potatoes, garlic and sometimes mushrooms. I do not know about you but after the meat is gone there are always veggies left over…..what to do? What to do?  Well today I figured it out…..should have done this years ago……make soup. I put all the cold veggies in a blender with some chicken stock (canned) and blended on high speed for a few minutes. I pour this beautifully colored purée into a sauce pan, added the rest of the broth and a little water to thin it out some. Then I heated it up.  OH MY…… Is all I can say. Hope you try it and like it.  Note to self……make extra vegetables while cooking to process for future use and can. 🐾

Chili verde with left over pork

You will need about a dozen tomatillos, peal the flowery part off, wash and sliced in two, a small onion. Small amount of salt. One clove of chopped garlic. Put into a sauce pan with a few tablespoons of water, cover and cook. Add 1 teaspoon of cumin, after tomatillos have cook a bit.     Cut up your left over chops, roast, or loin into pieces and roast or place under broiler to char a bit. This loin was BBq’d so it has a lot of “brown” on it.     If you want more zip throw in some green chilis while cooking. Once the tomatillos are soft, blend, puree, however you can to make it creamy.     Add your meat and simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes. This helps make the pork more tender and mixes the flavors together. Serve with a warm tortilla and cilantro….make a burrito, eat like a stew…the choice is yours. The prep time for this meal in minimal.