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Tropical poblano peppers with shrimp

Yes, it has been awhile since I have published a recipe. True I have cooked, just forgotten to share with everyone. I have a couple of great ones too. It is not often I randomly shop without a purpose for a meal. The poblanos looked wonderful at the market so I was compelled to purchase two hoping to come up with a stuffing. Of course there is a time frame involved…., if I don’t come up with something fairly soon they will spoil and that is a waste. Planning meals ahead for the week is just something I do, trying to maximize potential left overs etc. Rotating what we have in the freezer is a priority too, things can get lost in there. So, I found some nice fish and decided on fish tacos, and an older bag of gulf shrimp, that really needed to be used. Now this old brain went to work and this is what I came up with. It has a wonderful sauce to go over it too. 2-4 poblanos roasted, peeled, plus …

Mango salsa

Summer time is the best for fresh fruit and vegetables. Fish or shrimp seems to be a hit during the warm months…..what if we combined the two? Oh yeah baby, mango salsa is the key….it is light and flavorful and a great topping or side dish. This is a small amount if you want more salsa double the recipe. Great with grilled shrimp, fish or even chicken.  2 ripe mangos, peeled with the flesh removed and then hunked into bite size pieces 2 limes squeezed  1 bunch cilantro…..use about 1/4-1/2 the bunch washed and finely chopped  2 Serrano chiles, viened and seeded…chopped fine 1 tablespoon onion finely chopped 1/4 teaspoon garlic salt 1/4 cup bell pepper chopped fine 1/8 teaspoon ancho chile powder In a bowl add all ingrediants, stir and chill…..serve with grilled fish, shrimp or chicken. A great side dish too.  As always we hope you enjoy.

Shrimp Diablo 

I LOVE SHRIMP!  Every way you can think of……this takes a bit more prep time, but this dish is well worth it. A great meal for guest too. The herbs are all dried.  1 pound med shrimp/ with shells *shell shrimp save shells, place in sauce pan, cover with water to make shrimp stock. Boil 20 minutes-1 hour 6 tablespoons *shrimp stock 1 1/2 sticks butter 1/4 cup finely chopped green onions 3/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 tsp garlic fresh chopped 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper 1/4 tsp white pepper 1/4 tsp black pepper 1/4 tsp basil. If fresh finely chopped and 1/2 teaspoon  1/4 tsp thyme  1/8 tsp oregano 1/2 pound mushrooms (sliced) 3 tbs chopped parsley Cooked rice Make stock after cleaning shrimp. Prepare onions, garlic. In a bowl add salt and all the dry ingredients. Mix well. Slice mushrooms, have shrimp ready, chop parsley and cook the rice. Cut the butter into chunks. Keep amounts separate.  Melt 1 stick of butter on fairly high heat, add onions and garlic SHAKE pan do not stir. …

Baja style fish or shrimp….

Love fish….love shrimp…..tired of fried or everyday grilled…..around 40 years ago, while eating out in Newport Beach California I ate at a restaurant…..I think it was called the “crab catcher”….they made the most amazing grilled sea food with tons of flavor; Of course it was trade secrets so I went home and tried to duplicate the seasonings… not know if I did but we are pretty darn close. It is made with things you should already have in your house….. Butter Paprika  Season salt Fish or shrimp Clean your seafood item. Start grill, weither it is outside or indoors. Melt butter and have seasonings ready. When grill is ready dip or brush butter on the seafood. Shake lightly season salt and then paprika on all sides. Grill for a few minutes or until done. That is it! Instantly you will think you are in Baja enjoying lush drinks on the beach and thinking how could it get any better. As always we hope you enjoy.