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Pumpkin spice for breakfast

This year all the craze seems to be pumpkin spice. Not sure I would like it, just sounds, well….strange. We should eat pumpkin pie not drink it right? Have to say I am a changed person. While shopping I saw our favorite milk company had a small pumpkin spice drink ” for a limited time”. I got suckered in and bought some. All I can say is yum. John and I both hand a small glass. At 250 calories per cup…..I think this needs to be rationed.  Well this morning I poured John an orange juice and said “hey, what about a pumpkin orange drink”? Using half oj and half pumpkin spice milk drink I mixed in a small glass and stirred. Sipped……and Shazam …..tastes like a 50 50 bar with a hit of pumpkin spice.  Just thought I would share.  As always we hope you enjoy. 

Refreshing iced tea

Iced tea is not just for summer……unless you live in the New England states. John visited this May and found iced tea was coming back on the menu to be served. Being from California and now Texas that is totally bazar to us, iced tea is a year long drink in these western states. Figures that close to the end of summer I have come up with a new combination of tea bags, making a refreshing flavorful drink. No sugar is needed but if you desire you can add some.  1 cup boiling water 2 large family size tea bags ( I use Luzianne)  1 regular size lemon/ginger flavor bag Cool water to fill pitcher I heat water in a sauce pan, when it boils I remove from the heat and add the bags. Push down so they get thoroughly soaked. Let sit for thirty minutes. Pour cool water into pitcher, remove teabags from pan and squeeze out. Pour seeped liquid into the pitcher. Add ice to a glass and serve. The lemon ginger adds …