A morning in Texas

My amazing morning…..
It definitely gets colder minutes before the sun peaks over the horizon. I decided to try a new location this morning, putting my back to a very large mesquite tree I am trying to blend in while it is still dark, however I am fully exposed with nothing blocking my presence this morning. Red fills the sky and my vision has adjusted to the minimal but ever increasing light. 

It is quiet…..except the few trucks heading to work early this morning. My hearing is on alert…..I hear something, slowly turning my head and looking around I glance down. A rabbit has come to within a foot of my boot. It munches for a bit then hops off. 

I’m thinking that smell away must really be working today! 

I wait some more, it is getting lighter….birds are on the move…..and I hear it…..something has hopped over the fence behind me. Afraid to turn my head too far I listen hard. Nothing, and I don’t see anything. Must be hearing stuff…..I wait looking forward again and wait….just getting ready to raise the binoculars up again for a peek I see something walking straight at me….from the far right….small and grey it keeps coming. I freeze…..this large fawn walks up to within ten feet of me. I’m thinking and smiling…..I’m really blending and don’t sink! Kudos to me!!!!! The little deer senses something is amiss…..turns….not really looking at me, but knows….it stamps its foot a bit….angles off and slowly walks away. I must have scared it with the whites of my teeth showing from the grin I had. 

Still waiting for big daddy to show up…..birds are singing and landing all around me…..a cardinal heads right up my left side and flares its wings….almost landing on my head. I think I scared him. 

What made this morning is all the wildlife that was around me…..the meadowlarks and dove too. 

I started to get cold and came in…..did not shot anything but had a wonderful time. 

Just thought I share…..