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Pumpkin spice for breakfast

This year all the craze seems to be pumpkin spice. Not sure I would like it, just sounds, well….strange. We should eat pumpkin pie not drink it right? Have to say I am a changed person. While shopping I saw our favorite milk company had a small pumpkin spice drink ” for a limited time”. I got suckered in and bought some. All I can say is yum. John and I both hand a small glass. At 250 calories per cup…..I think this needs to be rationed. 

Well this morning I poured John an orange juice and said “hey, what about a pumpkin orange drink”? Using half oj and half pumpkin spice milk drink I mixed in a small glass and stirred. Sipped……and Shazam …..tastes like a 50 50 bar with a hit of pumpkin spice. 

Just thought I would share. 

As always we hope you enjoy. 

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