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Turkey soup 

You have turkey bones left and trash does not come until next week. No room in the refrigerator either…..what to do? What to do? Make the best turkey soup ever …..takes about a day but well worth it. Here is the stock recipe and I will include the soup recipe too.


  • Large stock pot with lid
  • Turkey bones-all of them and skin
  • Any other left over from dinner….mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, green beans, broccoli etc. everything you had on the table goes in….except sweet stuff! No cranberry sauce or sweet potatoes dishes. It will make the soup too sweet and weird. Yes, we have done it…..
  • Strainers from big holes to a fine one
  • 1 extra stock pot or very large bowl. 
  • 1 bucket or trash bag, something to put the debri in

Put everything into stock pot, cover with water and bring to a boil, then simmer for the day. Once in a while stir and push down on everything. Over time the solids will reduce and you’ll have a nice rich broth simmering away. It will be cloudy, full of stuff….don’t worry. Turn off soup and get your kitchen area ready to strain. 

 About an hour before dinner you can strain the soup. Starting with the largest holed strainer carefully pour soup through it into the other stock pot. You might need another person helping you, remove bones and put in bag or bucket. Rinse original stock pot out. Take the next size strainer and do it again. Rinse that pot out, and with the finest strainer one last time strain the broth into a pot. This should remove any chunky stuff, now your broth should be a rich brown creamy color. Put back on the stove and keep warm. 

Soup recipe

  • 6 carrots chopped into large slices cooked
  • I package of wide egg noodle cooked 

Once broth is made, cook carrots and egg noodles. What I found works is get a large enough sauce pan and start carrots, when they are almost done add noodles to the same pot. The carrots are heavier so they don’t mess up the noodles. Or you can cook them separate. Once they are both done scoop up noodles and carrots into a soup bowl, pour turkey broth over the top. That’s it! The best, rich, easy turkey soup you’ll ever have. 

I can the left over broth for future use. I make soups throughout the winter with the turkey stock or it is a great base for turkey gravy. 

As always we hope you enjoy…..

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