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Sweet potatoes and their skins

It’s that time of year when sweet potatoes or yams make it to the dinner table more often. They should be eaten all year long because they have great nutrition to offer and they taste good. But it seems the next 60 days are sweet potatoes farmers money maker.

Everyone has there favorite way to prepare…..but what about that skin? You peel it? Scoop out the meat? And the skin is left over to discard or compost. But wait! There is something to do with this lonely skin……

Make dog treats….yep, an easy and nutritional thing for your pets; Or you if you like that sort of thing for yourself. Maybe good for camping in the wilderness a light weight yummie treat for yourself and your pet. 

Alright…..after the meat is scooped out, the more you leave in the longer this will take so I remove almost all of the flesh. Heat oven to 225, on a cookie sheet lay out the skins so they are opened up as best as possible. You can spray the cookie sheet but they should not really stick. Bake for a long time……about 2-4 hours…..I have that big of a swing because depending on the about of flesh it could take that long. Turn, flip or move very so often until they are hard. Cool very well then store, if there is moisture or heat they will mold easily. If some do not cook thoroughly I use those first and save the other ones for future. These stay good for a long time….if they last that long. 

The peels  you can do the same however, it makes little treats that can be added in their food or great for little dogs.

As always we hope you enjoy, and your dogs too. 

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  1. Pat Brennan says

    These sound like a great idea, I will try them next week! PS I was at the bay yesterday a d thought of you and everyone that went to your luncheon!

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