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Sweet potatoes with chipotle and honey

I just love it when I try something new and it turns out really, really good. so….here is another one and I think it is pretty healthy too.

  • sweet potato (depending on how many folks are eating)
  • honey
  • chipolte powder
  • 1 tablespoon melted butter for two potatoes
  • cookie sheet lined with foil

Several ways you can do this….oven or microwave the potatoes(s), then oven or in a pan. I try hard now a days not to “nuke” anything, so I cooked the potato at 350 for an hour.                            Nuke until the potato is just getting soft. Let cool a little otherwise you can burn your hands.

Oven method:

Melt butter, slice sweet potato long ways into two halves. place on cookie sheet, with a small sharp knife cut slices in the flesh, not too deep. Slowly drizzle butter over the potatoes so it falls into the slots, try not to over spill too much. If you need to make a few pricks with a toothpick so it sinks in. Next sprinkle with chipotle powder, I like mine a little heavy, however I would start off with a light even coating until you decide how much you want. Then drizzle honey slowly over the potatoes. A nice slow stream evenly over them…..try not to get on the foil.

Heat broiler up on high and slide the potatoes under…. watching them so they do not burn. About 3-4 minutes maybe a little longer. Just until the honey and butter are bubbly.

Pan method:

Start off the same way cooking the potatoes……however melt the butter in a skillet, slice the potatoes the fat way, into dollar shape, cut about an inch thick. Make slits into the flesh, place sweet potatoes in the skillet and start to brown them…..after the first flip sprinkle chipotle powder on each side, flip and drizzle honey. I cooked them over medium heat, flipping every 4-5 minutes until they were brown on one side and almost brown on the other. The honey makes them brown nicely.

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