heathly cooking, Less than 30 minutes from start to finish
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Old fashion popcorn

In the days of old our dad had a popcorn maker shaped like a large bowl with a lid. Since it was silver I assume it was made out of aluminum….back in the ’70’s most things were. For the life of me I can not recall if it was electric or sat on the stove. What I do remember is our pops’ popped the best popcorn ever.  

I think I could have made the very first bagged microwave popcorn as well……I lived in a “Beverly hillbilly” house on some property our dad had…..no stove or oven, just a microwave and electric skillet. Believe me I could cook anything I wanted on those two items. So, I made bagged popcorn….though it was in a brown bag, it worked….like air pop.  Years later the bagged popcorn hit the shelves….I should have marketed it! 

Bagged popcorn today in my opinion is so unhealthy….the oil, greasy, chemical stuff that stays in the bag and stains your hands is what? Not natural that is for sure. Plus my body seems to smell of the popcorn the next day.  So years ago I started going back to our childhood making old fashion popcorn. Don’t have our dad’s maker anymore but I did find a way to make it just like the olds days….and it does not take anytime at all. 

  • Sauce pan with lid
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 3/4 cup corn kernels 

Heat pan up add oil, let heat up on medium high heat. Add corn kernels shake the pot. Put a lid on it and shake every 30 seconds or so. It takes about 5 minutes to start popping, once it does turn the heat to medium and shake, and cook until you can not hear the kernels popping anymore. If  you remove the lid to peek….well…..hope you have a few dogs to help with the clean up. All in all in takes about 10-12 minutes. 

Add on: 

Butter, parmigiana cheese, anchor chile powder, Italian herbs, salt of course, season salt…just to name a few.

As always we hope you enjoy

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