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Venison Asada

  Hunting season has begun again…..If you are a carnivore wild game is a must on your plate at some point in your life. I have been fortunate to have a husband who has hunted his entire life and has taught me to love the freshness of venison, elk, wild boar…etc. For the next few months I will include some dishes exclusively for the huntress and hunter. As always we hope you enjoy.

I butcher our deer, and package it. This way I get the cuts I am looking for and all the meat I can find off the animal. If you have a butcher do it you might ask them for this cut off the deer. 


the finish plate

 BY THE WAY you need 3 days  before cooking!

  • Venison….skirt and/or flank steaks
  • 2 oranges
  • 1 grapefruit
  • 2 limes  
  • 2 lemons
  • 1 large teaspoon oregano
  • garlic  powder… some shakes
  • onion powder…. some shakes
  • 4 jalapeno peppers
  • large zip lock bag

Since cooking this meal I found pounding the meat before marinading would have been better. So….pound the meat to break up the membranes, place in bag, then squeeze all the fruits placing juice in the bag, add the dry spices and mix in the bag by massaging with your hands….seal bag or keep juices from running out while doing this. Place in refrigerator and wait….. twice a day take bag out and massage the mixture to mix it up and return.

Day three….To complete this meal I have a pot of beans going. Dried pintos, about 2 cups placed in boiling water (just enough to cover the beans) for ten minutes, let sit for an hour, drain off water and refill pot to a few inches above the beans. Add salt, 2 tablespoons of lard (bacon grease works too) and cook for 3-4 hours. You can add some mexican type seasoning if you desire.

Fixings….flour or corn tortillas, lettuce shredded, chopped tomatoes, cilantro washed and chopped, radishes washed and left whole, a good mexican cheese…the white crumbly kind, lime sliced, sour cream and a good salsa. If you want you can make your own, if not a can of Herdez is the best. Now you do not have to put all these fine things on your tortilla, some, none you can even omit the tortilla if you are watching carbs


 Have your coals or gas grill hot and ready….high flame, a slight char is best for the meat. While meat is on place jalapenos on the grill and cook until skin is brown and wrinkly. Cook meat until done.  We heat the tortillas on the grill after the meat is cooked. When everything is ready cut the meat into thin strips. Fill tortilla with some meat and your choice of fixings…..your mind will be blown with all the flavors…..

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