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Parsnips and potato au gratin

  This dish takes a little time to prep and cook. But there is enough to feed a tribe or have lots of leftovers. Allow yourself twenty minutes to prep and one and a half hours to cook. 

  • 1 to 1/2 pounds of parsnips……or one bag 
  • 1 to 1/2 pounds of potatoes…. I used 6 Yukon golds medium size
  • Gouda cheese….. I used half smoked half regular about two cups grated
  • 1 can chicken or vegetable broth
  • 1 medium size onion
  • 2 tablespoons butter or some olive oil
  • Salt and pepper 

Heat oven to 400. Peel parsnips and the grate coursely, place them in a sauce pan with water a boil for two minutes. Drain and set aside. Chop onion, on a stove top use a dish that is oven safe, not too deep put will hold everything. Use cooking spray on the edges if needed. Heat this pan and add oil or butter, cook onions for a few minutes…until they start to turn clear. While this is going on peel potatoes and set aside.  When onions are ready add parsnips and stir, add salt, pepper ( I like lots of pepper but this is to your taste). Add grated potatoes and stir……the oven should be ready….kind of flatten in around the pan. Pour over the grated stuff the broth, cover and  bake for one hour. Grate cheese and set aside in the refrigerator. 

After the hour is up remove lid. Carefully add cheese to the top and place back in the oven for 30 more minutes or until brown edges form. 

That’s it……as always we hope you enjoy 

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