Less than 30 minutes from start to finish, side dish, veggies......
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OKRA…. Not fried

You either love okra or you don’t…most people only eat it fried because it is not slimy that way. However, there is another great way to have this summer delight. BBQ’d….yep….on the grill…..easy, easy, and good.

  • Okra. Depends on how many folks are eating I plan 6 per person
  • Skewers two for each batch of okra….6-8 in a batch
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic salt
  • And/or other seasoning….Italian dressing, Cajun, ancho etc

Wash and dry okra, put 6-8 okra on a skewer, depending on size, as close to the cap end as possible without going into the cap. Then run a second skewer along the pointy side of the okra to form a brace I guess, looks kind of like a ladder. This will hold the okra in place and keep them from spinning as you turn them. Drizzle oil or brush it on or use your hands to lightly coat okra. Both sides. Then sprinkle your favorite spices or herbs over the oiled okra. Both sides. Now you are ready. 

After your grill is hot but before you cook your meat you will want to cook the okra. Sometimes we like it crunchy so we get it a little black. However to black is gross, a nice brown on both sides is good. Then you can move the okra to a lower heat area on the grill, or wrap in foil and keep warm. 
They are not slimy and the flavor is superb. Try it with different spices…..you will be pleasantly surprised. 

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