Less than 30 minutes from start to finish, lunch or dinner, what you can do with a left over
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Marcella pasta salad 

What to do with the leftover orzo pasta and marcella (veal, chicken, mushroom) you just made a few days ago? Here is something I tried and it turned out really good. 

Marcella sauce

Cooked orzo pasta

1 can of peas drained (only use about half the can unless you like tons of peas)

1 can chicken drained ( no chicken for vegan) 

2 tablespoons mayo ( no mayo for vegan)

1/4 cup lite balsamic dressing (I used Paul Newmans)

Mix the pasta and leftover marcella sauce together in a medium size bowl, if you have leftover meat keep it separate until ready to serve the pasta. Several ways to do this….I mixed about two tablespoon mayo with the marcella sauce including mushrooms and pasta, I had about two cups of pasta leftover, let it sit for a day. If you are going vegan, use only balsamic dressing putting in half now and the other half the day of serving. 

The day of eating…..drain peas, and chicken, add to pasta mixture stir lightly, then add balsamic dressing stir and serve. If you have leftover meat you can add it on the side. I would not put it in the salad. 

Serve cold……the flavors were great together. 

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