dinner, Less than 30 minutes from start to finish
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Portabella mushroom marcella

Check out the veal recipe for details…..

Yep you can do this with just mushrooms too. Find two to three giant portabellas, remove stem if it has one. Chop stems up and add to them later. Heat the pan and cook open side down to start. When the edges are brown flip the mushroom over to the cap side.  Add everything else according to the veal recipe, brown or white or a mixture of both mushrooms can be added. 

You can even add other mushrooms such as morels to give it a nice earthy flavor. Mushroom like to suck up liquid so you might need to add a bit more wine to this recipe. You can omit the butter to be a true vegan recipe. 

Serve over orzo pasta or your favorite noodle pasta. 

As always we hope you enjoy. 


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