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Sweet and hot pork chops or chicken 

We have always loved this time of year with the fresh fruit and garden goodies. I have been fortunate to have lived in places where fruit on trees thrive plus when I was young been taught how to can or preserve the extras for later. That being said……we have plums…..a trillion plums….so I make plum jam or preserves. 

A few years back…..Deciding there most be more to jam than toast……I tried an experiment using the plum jam and hot chili oil as a glaze for chicken and pork chops. And it is the bomb! If you do not have access to fresh jam store bought will do.

1/2 jar plum jam or preserves

1/4 cup hot chili oil

  • Mix the two together in a small bowl. Coat chops or chicken with sauce and grill at a medium heat until your desired doneness is reached.
  •  Sometimes I cook the meat a little bit first without the glaze then add it after the first flip. This helps with less burned edges. 
  • Sometimes I marinade the meat for a few hours before grilling. 

The sweet of the plum and the heat of the chili oil is great, not too hot but there is a bite. Taste it after mixing, if you find it too spicy before putting on the meat add more plum jam. It does seem to tone down somewhat after cooking. 

If you do not grill or can not the oven works great too. 
As always we hope you enjoy! 🐾


  1. Pat Brennan says

    I have a small bag of plums. I wanted to make plum jelly. Do you have a recipe I can use for that? I have probably only enough to make one maybe two jars.


    • Hi, the easiest plum jam recipe is wash plums, place in a large sauce pan, on low to medium heat and cook until soft and squishy. I use a potato masher to squish them in the pot. Once they are soft dump them into a collander and press through with a large spoon. Put a big bowl underneath to catch the fruit. Most of the skin will not pass through and all the seeds will be left behind. I even let gravity help if I am busy doing other things.

      For every 2 quarts of plum pulp you need 6 cups of sugar. If they are not good and sweet add another cup.
      Mix Pulp and sugar in a large sauce pan and let stand a few hours. You can prep your jars and water bath at this time. When ready, cook rapidly to a jelly stage, this means sticking to the spoon and a slow drip off. Put in prepared jars. Wipe tops and seal lids, water bath for 10 minutes for pint size jars.


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