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Dutch oven pork roast

 First you need and Dutch oven, one with legs is preferred, charcoal and an open safe  area to cook.


Pork roast with lots of fat, butt is best we used a 3-4 pounder

Mushrooms, whole -one package 

Potatoes halved, we used 4 gold ones

Small onions skinned and left whole about 4-6 depending on how you like onions

Three heads of garlic -tops cut off but left whole. Drizzle olive oil in the cavity and leave upright. 

Some yummy French baguette type bread 

Olive oil

Fig flavored balsamic vinegar

  • Salt, pepper, teaspoon of ancho chili pepper,  sprig of Rosemary, onion powder, garlic salt,  1/4 teaspoon oregano, and if you have other favorite herbs throw a few in. The flower thing is a leek flower top from the garden. 
  • Prepare the charcole by starting it in a safe place. You’ll need about 18 briquettes to start. Coat the bottom of the Dutch oven with some olive oil, even up on the sides. Just a light layer will do. Cover the roast with seasoning and place in the bottom, fat side up if you can, if not on the side will work. Put the other ingredients along the edges of the roast, making sure the garlic is up right and has olive oil still inside the heads. NO WATER or liquid. Place the lid on top. 
  • When briquettes are ready place six in a circle and put the Dutch oven on top. Add remaining coals to the top. And wait…… When the coals start to get about halfway done light a new batch up so they will be ready when the first ones are almost burnt out. You might need to do this three times. 

About thirty minutes before it’s ready wrap the bread in foil and place on top of the Dutch oven to warm it up. 

  • The roast takes about two hours. Remove bread from the top.   Remove lid carefully removing all the goodies, keeping the garlic upright if you can. Serve everything, and with the garlic squeeze the heads so the cloves squish out into the bread.  Drizzle the balsamic vinegar, small amount, over the pork roast , even the bread and yum….. Your mouth will be very happy. 

As always we hope you enjoy. 

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