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Nana’s Lemon Cake

Oh my another lemon cake recipe? Yes, this one is really good…even better in two days after making it. As always hope you enjoy…..

1 Box lemon cake mix

1 small box Lemon jello

4 eggs

3/4 water

3/4 cup oil

two lemons (zest both and then juiced or squeezed)    Zest is about a 1/2 teaspoon

1 cup powdered sugar

350  @ 45 minutes

Mix everything together (about 4 minutes) except last two ingredients (lemon stuff and sugar). Once mixed add the lemon zest, mix well then pour into a 13 X 9 pan, sprayed or greased or you can use the next smaller pan; The cake is thicker and it comes out good. Bake 45 minutes at 350. While cake is baking squeeze lemons and measure powdered sugar. Do not mix yet. As soon as cake is done remove from oven then prick many holes on the top with a toothpick, including close to the edges. Mix lemon juice with sugar and pour on the hot lemon cake. If it pools poke other holes and help it sink in the cake or take the back of a spoon and move the liquid to another area. It is okay if it runs on the sides. Let the cake sit for a day if you can, two is even better. If it is hot outside you can refrigerate the cake until time to eat it. Otherwise it is okay to leave on the counter.

You could even serve this with fresh fruit on the side.

Get ready for a great summer treat.

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