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Fish tacos Baja style

These are a tasty version to the wonderful flavors of Baja California’s street fish tacos. Either grilled or fried fish, I will tell how to do both. You will be surprised how many people can eat, so make plenty. 

Favorite fish to use: yellow tail or wahoo. Cod, or other firm white fish will do nicely. Cut into strips about an inch  thick. Do not make small strips they will fall apart. No skin, no bones.

1 package  of fajita seasoning mix

 3-4 tablespoons flour (only if you are going to fry) + oil

Corn tortillas

Cilantro leaves pulled cleaned and slightly chopped

Green onions diced

Cabbage sliced thin

Radishes sliced thin

Sliced black olives

Tomatoe chopped 

1 pint sour cream

1 jar tarter sauce ( or a batch of homemade) Bob’s tarter sauce is the best if you can find it. If not the recipe is on line. 

Before starting anything make the white sauce: mix the sour cream and tarter sauce together. Sometimes I do this in the morning or night before. About a fifty fifty combo no matter how much you make. I use a little more tarter sauce though than sour cream. Cover and refrigerate. Clean fish and pat dry. Slice fish into strips put back in refrigerator. Prep everything else; slice, dice putting finished items on plates or serving tray. 

Grill method

Heat grill, gas, wood or coals. 

Open package of fajita mix and spread out on a paper plate, take fish strips and roll gently in seasoning. Set aside on another plate. A light coating is all you need. Place fish on grill turning carefully once. Should take about five minutes total with hot fire. Remove fish do not cover tightly, it will sweat and get mushy. A screen works well.

Heat your tortillas on the grill as well. When everything is cooked you are ready to assemble.

Fry method:

Open package of fajita mix combine with the flour, start with three table spoons mixing well. If a lot of fish use the extra tablespoon of flour. Heat oil , enough to cover the bottom of the pan about 1/4 of an inch….HOT but not smoking. Fry fish strips quickly turning carefully one time. Five minutes is all you will need. Remove and place on a plate to drain. 

Heat tortillas in another pan while fish is cooking or fry in same oil when fish is done. When everything is done you are ready to assemble. 


Corn tortilla, fish strip, white sauce, vegetables and hot sauce if you need it. As always we hope you enjoy. 

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