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Birthday week! and yes I am starting early to get old

 Every wrinkle has a story

   You look at my face and see each line, some deep, some long and some not so fine. I am not really old but age has set it, each wrinkle you see has become my friend. 
I have used cream and good soap, sunscreen as well. It is easy to see how time does tell. Time has a story and so does my face, some stories you see can not be erased. 
My childhood life was not bad you see, how could a military life have anything but glee. We moved all the time, no roots to sink in, hoping my life will produce one forever friend. 
Teenage years go fast and so does that bond, mom and dad divorced when we were so young. Our lives are apart and reunions no more, our family is split and Christmas a chore.
Cancer sets in and mom leaves us early, making us grow up in such a hurry. If I was funny before I am becoming mean, so sad at how my life seems.  
Growing up fast and seeing the world, I have friends who love me and animals I adore. I choose to go wild and not get a degree, the crazies sunk in and whacked me. 
I have lost dogs, a horse, cats and a rat, mom and uncles even some aunts. My grandmothers are gone, some friends as well, my wrinkles are starting, can you see them well?
Marriage comes late but oh what a thrill, for me a man who does not treat me like a girl. Our dad dies too, and our favorite dog, all within weeks, I want to crawl in a log.
My husband has injuries, not one but three. Each helicopter ride takes its toll on me. We move and retire starting a new life. Leaving loved ones behind, with new ones in site. 
I’ve whined and complained but the truth be known, my life has been grand though it has no thrown. So I say to you now the wrinkles I have are not from stress but being glad. 
We found God in Texas and the power of prayer. With all His strength there is no reason to despair. 
I’m glad about life and all its glory, about love and dreams and all my stories. I hear of tales so much worst than mine, I feel blessed to have these fine lines. 
Each wrinkle has a story yes it is true, a face lift might fix it….oh what to do. If I had no wrinkles what life stories would I share, only to look but please don’t glare.
My lines are my life deep or smooth, nothing a vacation or sleep might improve. What was once tragic is all in the past, old age is here and I hope I last.
Every wrinkle has a story I’ve shared just a few. By the time life is over I might gain some new. I am happy with lines, wrinkles and fat, the life I have and even more than that.
With each wrinkle you see look deep into their face. Remembering their life might not be full of grace. So my story is told, some bad and some good. I guess I am getting wrinkly like an old person should. 

Colleen Dyroff

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