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Dyroff Dogs

Hello again,

Hot dogs….yum yum we came up with these years ago and a friend named them Dyroff dogs….it has stuck ever since….hope you enjoy.

Hot dogs (we like Nathans or Hebrew national but any kind will do)

1 can chile NO BEANS

shredded cheese (Colby works well)

1 tomatoe chopped

5 green oinions finely chopped

flour tortillas


Heat chile in a pot, you can either boil the dogs or BBQ but we boil ours for this. About ten minutes at a low boil, almost a steam. Grade your cheese, chop everything else. When dogs are ready heat tortillas up. Place dog in the center or tortillas add a small amount of chile, about 3 spoonfuls…..too much it will not close well. Add cheese, and anything else you want. Place a few shots of tabasco on it and roll it up and eat. This is a great way to eat, easy to fix and a little something different.

A always we hope you like it.

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