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Camp coffee (the old fashion way)

Camping is a fun thing to do, whether it is in a tent or a delux motorhome. However with all the modern coffee makers have you forgotten how to make an old fashion pot of coffee? Here is the easy simple way for a wonderful cup of brew.

Find a pot, make sure all the insides are intact. I like to rinse the inside basket before adding the coffee to the basket. Three large spoonfuls of your favorite blend spread evenly inside the basket is all you need. Fill water to just below the spout area. Put the stem and basket inside the pot and place on the stove, or open fire, high heat. (If you put on an open flame you can apply a thin layer of dish soap to the bottom before heating, this helps in cleaning the black stuff off). When the pot starts to “perk” lower the heat to a small flame or move on the open fire so the perking is still going on but not as hard. I time the coffee for 3 full minutes.  If you like a stronger brew go 4 to 5 but no more. Then let the pot rest for a few minutes before pouring into your favorite mug. If you do not then the grounds come through to the liquid. Also if you perk hard the ground get all through the coffee as well. Hope you enjoy the old fashion camp coffee 🙂

Camp coffee

Camp coffee

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