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Colleen’s crazy spinach enchiladas

  Hello again,

Once in a while we make meatless dishes, especially when we have a ton of fresh garden things like spinach; So when making this recipe I used fresh, blanched them first to wilt. You can use frozen spinach….no matter what though make sure you SQUEEZE the water out.


Makes about 14 enchiladas

1 can RoTel original

3 cans green enchilada sauce 8 oz

1 can tomatillo sauce

1 block of Monterey jack shredded, I used a whole 16 oz one for this recipe

2 boxes frozen spinach thawed and squeezed or the equivalent with fresh, blanched drained and squeezed

corn tortillas

glass pan  9X12 or larger greased or sprayed

In a sauce pan big enough to lay tortillas in, open and heat the green sauces and tomatillo sauce  together over medium to low heat. In a medium size bowl add Rotel sauce and 2/3 of grated jack cheese, mix well, set aside. Prepare your spinach, once the excess  moisture is gone fluff the spinach with your fingers into a bowl. Have your corn tortillas ready to dip in the warm green sauce one at a time. Carefully place in the green sauce, let sit in the sauce for 15 seconds or so then carefully using tongs or forks place them on a plate. Do this with all the tortillas and stack them on each other. Now your are ready to assemble. Your eyeballs are the judge to how much you can fit in and still roll up the tortilla. I put a row of spinach then used a spoon and put the cheese mixture next to it. Roll them up and place them fold down in the pan. When all the ingredients are used up pour the green sauce over the top. It is okay if there is extra sauce, save it for later. Put the remaining cheese on them and bake 350 for 40 minutes, lower heat to 325 for 10 more minutes. Dish should be bubbly and cheese brown on the top. If enchiladas seem dry, pour the remaining warm sauce over them before serving.

Once again I hope you enjoy this 🙂

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