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Burn ban roasted cauliflower 

 And now for the rest of the dinner……

Roasted cauliflower is very popular today. I have found it even works on the bbq. But with the burn ban in place I had to rethink our options and cook in the small oven in the fifth wheel. I still used a foil pan however, I added more olive oil and roasted garlic powder with a small amount of garlic salt plus the parmisian cheese, then placed these in the oven 20 minutes before before starting the game hens. I kept them covered the entire time the hens cooked and the came out great.


Cauliflower head broken done to florets

Olive oil

Parmisian cheese grated fresh or Shaker can

Garlic salt and roasted garlic powder

Foil pan and foil to cover

Cut cauliflower into pieces, not too small or large, natural florets make a great size. Add oil and toss, add cheese and garlic items toss again gently. Put extra oil in pan making sure the sides and bottem are coated. Place cauliflower into pan and seal tightly with foil. Bake

Oven: 400 for 40 minutes

On the barbee…… Start off the direct heat,  I put it on while waiting for the coals to get ready or gas burners to heat the grill. About 10-15 minutes before your meat is ready put foil pan directly over the heat to help brown the cauliflower.

Hope you enjoy it both ways……..more burn ban food to follow……😎🐾

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