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Burn ban Cornish game hens

Hello for today! 

Vacation planning is something I do….. Almost to an extreme. I am one of those people who meal plans way in advance, I guess to get it out of my mind for other things to find thier way in. Our family vacation this Easter was to Palo Duro Canyon state park in Texas for a few days with my sister, Leila and my husband John. Needless to say I planned everything for an open fire cooking style. And guess what…..there was a burn ban in place.

For those of you who are not familiar with what that is well……high winds, dry air and lack of rain, means no spark type fires of any kind. It had just been issued four days before we arrived. But that is okay…..we have a nice fifth wheel trailer and I can cook anything in there. I hope……

This turned out so awesome I can only imagine what it would have been like over an open mesquite flame…..hope you try it both way, and enjoy it of course.


Two hens or one package of two Cornish game hens thawed

Olive oil and juice of one lemon

Oregano, ancho chili pepper, onion powder, roasted garlic salt, paprika (these are around one forth teaspoon each) but you can add more or less of one to suit your taste buds.

Ziplock bag large in size

After birds are thawed cut in half from the tail to the neck area. You have to push hard through the breast bone otherwise it is easy. Rinse well and pat dry. In a bowl or measuring cup pour half a cup of olive oil in and lemon juice, mix well. In a cup add all dry spices and mix well. Place birds in the bag, pour dry rub in first ad seal bag, squish around birds and rub as best you can so birds are coated evenly. Open bag and pour in olive oil lemon mixture. Seal and squish around again until coasted. Squeeze the air out and seal, leave in refrigerator for four days.

Cooking the birds

Place birds with all the liquid in a foil pan and cover, bake at 375 for  30 minutes then uncovered for 30 more at 400. They came out juicy and the flavor was great. If you decide to open flame them I would cook off direct flame for 40 minutes with lid down then on open flame for 10 lid up. Yes, I would reduce the cooking time so they do not dry out.

More camping meals to follow……stay tuned. 😎

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