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Thai red curry chicken and broccoli 

this is one of those I have a vision about a dish and it works out. The flavor is great and the dish light.   

Chicken boobs, no skin no bones diced in two inch or a little less hunks

I can chicken broth

I can boiled peanuts

Broccoli pieces

Thai red curry spice about a tablespoon

Raw peanuts

Chow mein noodles

Cooking oil small amount

Cilantro for garnish and flavor

Cut chicken into pieces, coat with Thai seasoning and mix. In a stock pot start to  boil noodles according to directions. Heat frying pan with small amount of light cooking oil. Add chicken and cook on medium to high heat. You want the chicken to have “brownies” or crunchy outsides. When done put in a bowl or on a plate and set aside. While noodles are cooking and water is boiling place broccoli pieces in a screened colander and set in the water. Cook for three to five minutes, remove colander and run cold water over the broccoli, set aside. After noodles are done drain and return to pan. Add can of broth and half can of the liquid from the boiled peanut can. Stir, add broccoli and chicken pieces, return to medium to low heat. Stir in raw peanuts cover and heat for ten minutes. If desirable add more seasoning stir again…..after dishing up the noodles garnish with chopped cilantro. This makes it pretty and adds a unique flavor to the dish. 

Note: when I bought the boiled peanuts I thought they were unshelled, so I was going to use them in the dish. Silly me, so I used the liquid and got some frozen raw peanuts out and used them. It I had time I could have used the peanuts from the can after shelling. 

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