Less than 30 minutes from start to finish, veggies......
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Creamed spinach….PNG style

Last year I  was able to go on a mission trip to Papua New Guinea, the beauty of the country and the local people made me feel as if I was in a National Geographic movie. The fruits and vegetables that grew wild and were on display at the local outside market would make anyone’s palate water with anticipation of the flavors. One of their favorite ways, I assume, is cooking the greens in coconut milk. I thought the “milk” was the liquid out of the coconut when you open it. It is not…..that is coconut water. 

Coconut milk is made from the shredded coconut, which is done on an anvil type contraption into a bowl, then water added and squeezed and squeezed until a rich, white, creamy liquid is made. The locals do this in about five minutes….it would take me this long just to open one  coconut up. Or you can buy it in a can. And that is the easy way to get coconut milk……


1 can coconut milk shaken 

1 large bag of spinach or 12 cups of fresh curly leaf spinach washed

Empty can of coconut milk in sauce pan, add spinach turn on heat to medium low and cook. Stir every now and then. Should take about 30 minutes to wilt  and cook spinach. I did not boil this. 

I have tried this with dandelion greens as well, however they can be bitter and you have to add sugar to off set that taste. I  save the milk and use it in a smoothie the next day when using the spinach greens.  I hope you enjoy. 

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