Less than 30 minutes from start to finish
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Fennel and sausage…plus other good stuff

This is a great flavor, lower calorie type dinner….fast too.

What you need: 

Italian sausage, fennel bulb (I like two) outside peeled away and thinly sliced the white part only. Tomato diced into hunks, onion about a half chopped, and peppers chopped…any color but only about half a pepper. If you want, any cooked pasta, except spaghetti. And some dry sherry. (I will put spinach in too).

Break sausage into hunks and cook, if really greasy drain, add sliced fennel bulb(s) and stir,  in about five minutes add remaining veggies too. Cook a bit then add half a cup of dry sherry. Stir add cooked pasta….that’s it!

This is really great without the pasta as well, making a low calorie, flavorful meal.

You can garnish with parsley too…..



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