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Rutabagas…..say what? and tomato soup…..

Perfect for a cold day….like today!

Rutbagas are not like a yellow turnip, they do not have that bitter flavor that turnips get from time to time. This is one of those dishes that you make when you have no money and need to eat….then it just sticks with you all your life. John loves this crazy combination of flavors.

For 2:

rutabagas 2-3

tomato soup 1-2 cans

flour tortillas

butter, salt and pepper

2-3 rutabagas….depending on size. Pick out firm ones with a good purple on the top and yellow/orange color on the bottom. Peel and cut into pieces. The smaller the pieces the faster they will cook. It takes about 40 minutes for inch to two-inch pieces. While this is going on, start your soup. I like mine with water and he likes his with milk so we have two cans opened. Just have them on low and wait…..After the rutabagas are tender, drain the water and mash with a potato masher, add some butter and salt and pepper. Your soup should be ready to go at this point. Heat your flour tortilla, if you want to add a pat of butter then add mashed rutabagas, we like more pepper here but it is your taste buds that will determine what you want. Roll it up…..serve on the side with your soup. You then dip the stuffed tortilla in the soup and eat. For some reason these two flavors go great together.

For variations you can add a  green chili or cheese….but it does change to flavor. If you can not do flour then just add the rutabags to the soup and eat it that way. It is still very tasty and way less in calories.

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