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Mediterranean Vegetables


Love veggies but tired of the same ol’ way? This dish will fill your mouth with flavors and make your tummy happy. This is one of John’s favorites too.

What you will need 

This makes enough for two plus……

yellow, orange and green pepper. I use one half of each pepper

1/2 onion

some garlic….dried or fresh works good (1 clove)

kale about 2 cups chopped

green beans with ends removed and cut in half ….a large handful

broccoli pieces…..around a third of a head.


Klamata olives or mediterranean style olives (leave whole)

Dill and mint fresh or dried…..and salt

greek seasoning

Chop everything into 2 inch pieces. Heat pan with add oil. Cook peppers, beans, broccoli, onion.  Just a few minutes then add garlic and kale pieces. Season with some salt.  Add the dill and mint……now here is the tricky part…..if it is fresh use less, maybe two leaves of mint finely chopped and a sprig of dill chopped too. Otherwise I would start off with 1/2 teaspoon each and use the same for the greek seasoning.  Cook the vegetables a bit more than add the olives.  Check what you like for flavors….you might want more dill and mint. I personally like more. Be careful the olives will have pitts!      BY THE WAY if you do not have the correct olives, no worries use natural black olives (best substitute) or regular black oilves.

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