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Green eggs no ham


Watching your waist line or need something full of vitamins, fiber and energy? Then this fast breakfast is for you. This is the one person version.

Spinach (a handful)


Olive oil (drops)

I use non stick spray on my favorite little skillet. A non stick pan would do nicely too. Add a small handful of spinach, We grow curly leaf but bagged spinach works great. While spinach is wilting add a couple drops (about 6) of good olive oil. This helps the spinach release its vitamins and is good for you. Add your egg or eggs to the same pan. Cook to your desired egg doneness. And eat……

FYI: Spinach loves to grow in the winter, now with that being said if you are on the East Coast….you might have to buy it, or try growing it in a window, I don’t know it might work. As spinach grows, pick or trim with scissors. It will continue to grow until the weather heats up and it bolts. To save spinach for future use: Wash, pick out debris and blanch ……   fast…spinach is delicate and only need about 30 seconds if that. Place is ice-cold water to stop the cooking process. Drain well. Then freeze, again we have a sealing machine so we use that. Spinach can be frozen in a freezer bag, just squeeze all the air out before placing it in the freezer.

Blanching is boiling, salted water. Placing food in for one minute then fast cooling in cold or icy water. This preserves the color, flavor and vitamins.

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